Welcome to Your Mindful Year

Transform Your Life 5 Minutes at a Time!

Mindfulness is a simple practice, accessible to anyone. But mindfulness is not easy, especially in today’s ever-changing and fast-moving world where we feel like we can’t keep up and don’t have time to do for one more thing…

Introduction to Your Mindful Year

The practice of mindfulness actually gives your more time by creating space in your mind and your day. Your Mindful Year guides and supports you to live mindfully 5 minutes at a time. Each month you are provided with one intention to anchor your mindfulness practice. There are core practices provided that stay the same every month and there are additional practices specific to each intention.

You will focus on four major areas of your life with each intention including your health, relationships, work, and money. You can choose to focus on one area each week, one area for the whole month, or change the area every day, depending on your life circumstances. You also can choose which practice(s) resonate with you each day. You can access the audio instructions on your computer or download them to your personal device. The goal is to do any practice a minimum of 5 minutes a day.

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What is Mindfulness?
Why do I want Mindfulness?
How do I get Mindfulness?

The Practice

  1. Read or watch the introduction for your Intention this month. You can access this month’s intention here.
  2. Choose one of the 5 minute guided practices, either a core practice or a practice specific to the monthly intention each day (i.e. deep breathing, meditation or body scan).
  3. Decide what area of your life you want to focus your practice on today. The four major areas are your health, relationships, work, or money.
  4. Practice anytime that works for you:
  • The goal is to practice a minimum of 5 minutes a day. If you miss a day, you can pick it up the next day.
  • Practicing first thing upon rising to set the tone for your day is highly recommended.
  • Take a “mindfulness break” during your day.
  • Practice as a transition exercise from work to home or before you go to bed.
  1. You will be supported in your mindfulness practice with:
  • Weekly emails specific to your monthly intention.
  • Live monthly conference calls with additional information regarding the intention of the month and opportunity for questions and answers. Calls will be recorded.
  • Live monthly mindfulness practice sessions (in Denver).
  • Your Mindful Year online community.
  • Opportunity to connect with a mindfulness partner.

Go to the monthly intention sample here

Congratulations for choosing to train your brain and change your life!