Trust Practices

Letting Go Meditation (mp3)

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Trust Meditation

Get settled on your sacrum, your root chakra.  Your chakra that means safety and survival.

Close your eyes.

Feel your connection to the earth.

Observe your experience. What are you sensing around you?  Noises, thoughts, feelings, sensations.

Let the thoughts go, easy and effortlessly.

What does your body feel?

Everything appears spontaneously, a part of the natural flow of life.

We trust that flow in this meditation.

You may notice a resistance to what is naturally happening, let that go.

You may notice an urge to change what is happening in this moment, let that go.

Notice the ways we don’t trust our experience or the ways we don’t trust ourselves.

Just notice

Just be, easy, open aware and notice what is happening. Let go of resistance. Let go of the attempt to change anything. Trust.

Everything happens spontaneously, effortlessly. Trusting in that natural flow of life.  Noticing when there is resistance, and relaxing into that flow of life.


Trust yourself, trust your own experience. Breathe that in.


Come back slowly, as you bring yourself back to your space open your eyes.

Trust Yourself

You know what you know. Sometimes we just forget, get busy, or get scared.   Trust anyway.   You are safe, supported and secure.  Start small. Listen to your inner voice. Get quiet and ask for your own inner guidance.

Trust the Process

It takes as long as it takes and trusting the process is remembering you are supported by something bigger and when you take one step forward, the universe will take two to meet you.   Trusting the process also includes saying yes in order to get what you want. Yes to excitement. Yes to ease. Yes to service. Yes to help. Yes to growth. Yes to mud.

Trust Your Practice

Trust comes from a love and commitment to yourself that you cultivate in your daily practice. It is about trust—in myself, the process, the universe.  The power of my intention is bigger than I can possibly imagine when I practice.

Say a BIG Yes

Trust that when you take one step forward the universe takes two to meet you. You have to trust to say yes, and say a BIG yes, all the way to what you want.   Yes to being enthusiastic. Yes to being specific. Yes to asking. Yes to following up. Yes to showing up. Yes to doing something for someone else.

Journaling Questions Associated with Trust

  • Do I trust my body, my mind, my practice?
  • What relationships could I practice more trust?
  • Where can I practice trust in my work?
  • How can I practice trust around my money?