Why Do I Want Commitment?

How you do one thing is how you do everything sums up the intentions of mindfulness and why we focus on one intention a month.  When we commit fully in one area of our lives, we are more likely to commit fully in another area. When you make the commitment, you are willing to enter into a place of not knowing so that something new can emerge.

 Goethe said, “Until there is commitment, there is hesitancy.” You are the only one that can decide to make the commitment— for yourself, your family, and your intention.  Don’t wait until you feel like it; you won’t. Don’t wait until “the time is right”; it never will be. Don’t wait until “things slow down”; they aren’t going to.

 Doing anything daily requires a commitment, a willingness to do it even when you are too tired, too busy, or just don’t feel like it. The crazy thing is when you need this practice most is also when you are most likely to resist it.   The opposite of commitment is using the never-ending excuses, rationalizations, and obstacles we all find to keep us from moving forward.

 You may find when you focus on your commitment in one area of your life, you will find yourself focusing on your commitment in all areas of your life:

 My commitment was to one particular relationship this month, but I found myself more committed in all of my relationships.  I also noticed that being mindful of a relationship seemed to have a reciprocal effect.  I hadn’t expected that.

 Commitment helped me stay out of overwhelm this month with all the things I have no control over: a job search, my divorce, and my teenage son’s actions.  By committing to move through my situation, I worked on paperwork for 2 hours every day and got it done.  I am letting go of some of the anger around my divorce, and I am open to a new job opportunity that I would not have considered before.

Starting each day with a commitment to myself, one of spiritual and physical self-care has helped me deal with my Mom’s illness and my Dad’s disability and all the difficult decisions and personalities that come with it.   When my workplace turned to chaos with a huge lay-off that required me to step up to more work and learn new systems, the little voice of commitment was echoing in my brain.

The focus of commitment has made me realize how hard of a time I have keeping a commitment to myself.  This is in every area of my life and has been a huge realization.